Thursday, May 30, 2013

Weekly Webcrawl: YA, More Women in History, and More

With an unexpected move and equally unforeseen medical issues, I have had precious little time to read let alone review. But I have still managed to collect some interesting links for this week's webcrawl.

Kameron Hurley's guest post at A Dribble of Ink has generated a lot of buzz on the topic of women in the historical narrative and in speculative fiction.
Additionally, here are some other items I found of particular interest.

  • This excellent piece tackles hetero romance in YA, and the need for more non-het relationships in dystopian YA.
  • Justin Landon of Staffer's Book Review has some interesting thoughts on what constitutes a YA novel in this review.
  • Tobias Buckell has some interesting thoughts on damsels in distress in the video game world.
  • Blake Charlton's op/ed piece from the New York Times on "Defining My Dyslexia" and a video of the presentation that led to the piece.
Hopefully you'll find these articles as thought provoking and entertaining as I did. My next review should be posted by the weekend.

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