Friday, September 14, 2012

A Momentous Squee

I know the title of this post is rather undignified but lets just face facts, anyone who loves books enough to spend this much time writing about them is a fan. And getting a mention on a favorite author's website is certainly squee-worthy. So, imagine my surprise when I discovered when perusing Twitter this morning that one of my first reviews was mentioned in a review round up of sorts by none other than Peter V. Brett, author of the Demon Cycle Series. I featured Brett in my second You Should Be Reading post, and am looking forward to interviewing him, once he completes the manuscript for the highly anticipated The Daylight War. I am in good company too, with Justin from my favorite genre blog Staffer's Musings listed as well. Here's a screen shot. I can't help it, I have to brag.

They say a job well done is its own reward. I'm sure they're right, but things like this aren't bad either. Screw that, they're freaking awesome. Thanks for letting me share, we will continue with more dignified postings soon. 

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