Monday, August 20, 2012

The 52 Preview

Since, I'm facing a few weeks of furious activity in other areas of my life, and have fallen a bit behind in posting I thought I'd take moment and talk about some of the exciting things coming up for 52 Book Reviews. 

Interviews: I'll be posting my first interview within the next few weeks with more to follow. I've been amazed at the generosity of so many industry professionals, willing to give of their time to talk with me in this small but growing space on the interwebs. Coming soon we'll have interviews with Ken Scholes, Stina Leicht, Peter V Brett, and Douglas Hulick. Based on some early conversations we are all in for a treat, as I try to go deeper into their excellent books and their own thoughts on writing, the genre, and more. 

You Should Be Reading: Brent Weeks is a definite, and I have a few other authors in mind as well. 

Audio Files: Larry Correia's Hard Magic featuring the incredible narration of Bronson Pinchot. You'll forget you've ever heard of Balki. (Supposing you are old enough to get the reference, of course.) 

Books in the Queue: These are books I've already read, you can expect reviews on: A Canticle for Leibowitz, Partials, Unclean Spirits.

I saved my favorite category for last. In Fantastic Firsts we will be covering the debut novels of Erin Morganstern, and Myke Cole. Here's a preview of my review of Myke's excellent novel; Control Point. 

"I'm going to start this review off talking about an elephant. I know that doesn't track well, but bear with me. I found out about Control Point on Facebook. I like, many of my readers(I hope) have been following the career of Peter V. Brett, author of the Demon Cycle. Like those fans, I was intrigued by the idea that one of Brett's closest friends was debuting his own genre novel. I'll admit, my first thought was something along these line; "Wow, it would be nice to have an a connection like that". We all know about nepotism, especially in this economy, where it seems that you almost have to know someone to get a job. This was the elephant in the room for me. So, with my cynical point of view, I didn't expect Control Point to be very good. In fact, I was expecting to find some joy in criticizing it. Imagine my surprise, when Cole strode up to that elephant, rolled his shoulders back and put a stream of high caliber bullets through its skull. Myke Cole is an rising star of genre fiction because he deserves to be, and Control Point is a fantastic beginning to what promises to be a long and noteworthy career." 

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